Purchase Rewards

Not only does your VISA Debit Card provide convenience and help you become a VIP Member, but it rewards you for your purchases. The more you use your Debit Card, the more offers you receive. The VISA Debit Purchase Rewards program is funded by the participating merchants and provided to you at NO cost.

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Rewards and offers are provided to you based on your shopping history. They’re from retailers where you already shop and merchants that offer similar products. Your reward offers are managed from your Online Banking homepage or from your Mobile App. Just click to activate, and the offer is loaded directly on your card. Some rewards are online offers only; a promo code is provided for you to use the next time you check out.

You can view your earned rewards from your Online Banking account or your Mobile App. Rewards will be automatically deposited into your account in the month following your purchase, with a complete summary provided to you on your Online Banking homepage. If for any reason you wish to opt-out, you may do so at any time via Online Banking.