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Holiday Shopping - Safe and Hassle-Free!

As we head into the holidays let’s take a collective deep breath and think about the joyful times we’ll have with friends with family. At The Partnership FCU we want to help keep your season happy by sharing some basic ways to keep your holiday shopping safe and hassle-free.

SAFE Shopping Online:

  1. Make sure shopping websites are secure before entering payment information. In the address bar there should be “s” after http, which means “secure”; plus a padlock icon, should also appear in the address bar. Do not enter any personal information unless you are sure the page is secure.

  2. Many shopping websites offer to store payment data. Don’t do it. Take the time to re-enter payment data with each transaction.

  3. Pay attention to emails confirming purchases. Open and read each message to make sure you did make the purchase and the prices and items listed are correct.

  4. Shop with merchants who use verified by visa – a safer way to confirm your identity on the Internet.

SAFE Shopping in the Stores:

  1. Before you head to the malls copy the front and back of all the cards and documents in your wallet you’ll need to replace if it’s lost or stolen, then remove any extraneous store credit cards and other items you don’t need. When you return from shopping make sure you have all your debit and credit cards. Smart thieves often remove only one card from your wallet so it takes you longer to notice it’s missing and close the account.

  2. Keep receipts in your wallet, not in bags with your purchases, and store your receipts or shred them when you get home.

If you are using your debit or credit card to shop, be sure to check your credit union statements regularly to confirm your purchases. Remember to report purchases that were not authorized by you timely to avoid getting stuck with the bill! These simple precautions can help your holidays happy and your accounts secure.