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Enhanced Login Security for Online Banking

The Partnership FCU implemented an additional layer of security to protect you from fraud.

Enhanced Login Security is a free and easy way to help prevent fraud. Sign up once and you're all set. It’s that simple – the next time you log in, it’s business as usual. And the rest of your online banking experience will remain exactly the same.

Here’s how you will upgrade and personalize your security access:

The first time you login to online banking, you will be taken to a screen to make choices for Enhanced Login Security:

Login Security Setup: So that you have options for how to receive a one-time access code when we need to confirm your identity. Choose to set up receipt of this code by text message, phone call and/or email. Additionally, you will set up Challenge Questions.

You'll be asked to choose three security questions that will be used to verify your identity. Only you will know the answers you've chosen. Choose questions whose answers are easy for you to remember. You should not print, store, save or share your selected challenge questions and answers with anyone.

These questions will be used to provide stronger protection against fraud. In the event you forget your password, a one-time code or these questions can be used to change it online courtesy of the Forgotten Password feature. This added layer of protection helps ensure no unauthorized persons will be able to access your accounts.

The enrollment process is easy and will take a minute or two and you will only have to do this once. Once completed, you can "register" your computer with us, so that the next time you login from that computer, we will recognize you. To make it even easier, we allow you to enroll additional computers at your discretion so whether at work or at home, you can forego the validation process and expediently begin your Internet Banking session with us.

Added Security when accessing foreign computers – from time to time, when traveling or on vacation, you may need to use a foreign computer at a library, coffee shop or even at a friend's home. Now you can feel safe accessing your accounts securely from any foreign computer. By signing up to receive codes referenced above, you may use these codes at the computer to ensure security stays with you while you are using it, and know that they expire within 15 minutes so that no one may come behind you and access your personal information. 

You can learn more about Enhanced Login Security in our Frequently Asked Questions section. 


Learn more about The Partnership FCU’s security

These changes demonstrate how The Partnership FCU is constantly working to keep all of your private information safe and secure. Visit our Security Section to learn more about what The Partnership FCU does to protect your personal and sensitive information.

Remember, The Partnership FCU will never ask you for any sensitive information through e-mail. You should only make any changes to your Online ID, password or PIN after going directly to our website at Never respond to e-mail requesting personal information such as The Partnership FCU member or account number, Online ID or password.

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