Looking to save on your monthly Auto or Personal Loan payment? The Partnership FCU brings you InstantRefi, to help put you in control of your loan. Just move a dial to extend your loan with us, and watch the savings add up!

  • Everything is done online in just a few clicks, without the cost and time of a traditional refinance. Simply select your term, click to extend and then e-sign your document.
  • This secure, personalized website is easy to use. It allows you to compare your current Auto or Personal Loan with new options that put money back in your pocket NOW.
  • Customize your loan to meet your monthly budgeting needs. You can use your monthly savings for whatever you want!
  • Using InstantRefi does not give you a new loan. It simply modifies your existing loan with no additional fees, no refinance process and no paperwork.


How to get started:

  • Members will receive an email from The Partnership FCU if they are currently eligible* to use InstantRefi.
  • Simply click the InstantRefi link in the email, and see which loan(s) qualifies. Loans with co-borrowers are eligible too!
  • If you have eligible loan(s), click on the loan you want to save on first. You can use InstantRefi for each eligible loan.
  • Your current loan will pre-populate into AutoRefi if it is an Auto Loan, or PersonalRefi if it is a Personal Loan. Simply adjust the dials to get your desired monthly savings and new terms.
  • Submit and sign all paperwork electronically, and you’re done!

Let InstantRefi help you reach your savings destination! Questions? See AutoRefi and PersonalRefi FAQs for additional details on each program.

*Members are eligible for InstantRefi based on certain pre-qualifiers. If you have not received an email to use InstantRefi, give us a call at 800-285-3286, send us an email or stop by one of our branches.