Trust Accounts


The Partnership Federal Credit Union offers three Trust options. Our Trusts are designed to help you make important decisions about your assets and alleviate financial stress and decision-making during difficult times. Consult with your attorney when considering which account is right for you. When you’re ready, contact us so we can assist you with opening and converting your existing membership to a Trust account. Your funds are insured by the NCUA up to $250,000 per beneficiary.

To get started with your Trust, be sure to have:

    • Completed Trust/Estate application
    • Certification of Trust
    • Identification for all Trustees

A new membership is required to open an Estate account. To get started be sure to have:

    • Completed Trust/Estate application
    • Certified Letters of Administration
    • Certified original copy of decedent’s death certificate
    • Taxpayer’s Identification Number assigned to the Estate
    • Identification of Estate Administrator

To open a Trust or Estate Account, please download and complete the Trust/Estate application. For Trust Accounts, a Certification of Trust is required to accompany the application. Please download, complete, print and notarize this form and submit along with your application.

For further assistance, please stop in to any of our local branches or contact us by phone or Secure Email (found within Online Banking).