Depositing Services

The Partnership FCU offers many hassle-free ways to deposit checks, wherever you may be.

The Partnership FCU may immediately make available up to $2,500.00 on the business day of deposit from the total amount of all checks deposited into your accounts in good standing on that day. For more information regarding access to your deposits, read our Funds Availability Policy.

Are you a VIP? VIP Members enjoy the convenience of immediate access to large deposits, up to $10,000/day. Learn more and see how you can become a VIP Member.

Mobile Check Deposit

Who needs to go to a branch to deposit a check when you have a branch right in your pocket? Mobile Check Deposit is a free* service available through our iPhone®, iPad® and Android™ apps that offers a secure and convenient way of depositing checks into your account.

  1. Login to our Mobile App
  2. Click the Deposit tab from the main menu
  3. Make sure you have properly endorsed the back of your check
  4. Snap a picture of the front and back of the check

That’s it! Money goes straight to your designated account. Learn More & See Demo.

*Message and data rates may apply. iPhone® and iPad® are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.

Deposit by Mail/In-Person

If you prefer to mail deposits, please make sure your check is properly endorsed and send to:

The Partnership Federal Credit Union
PO Box 18539
Washington, DC 20036-8539

Please feel free to stop by and see us in person to make your deposits as well.

ATM Deposit

Use our convenient Locator Search to find the ATM closest to you. Our advanced filter tool allows you to quickly identify deposit-taking ATMs.

Payroll Deduction/Direct Deposit

A great way to budget your money is to have your funds transferred automatically. Use our Payroll Deduction and Direct Deposit features to help you save money or pay off loans and other expenses, without having to think about it. It is safe, easy, and convenient.

With Direct Deposit, your income is directly deposited into the account of your choosing. You can put your entire paycheck, retirement check, or travel reimbursement directly into your Checking or Savings Account. Simply provide the payroll department with your member number and account type (i.e., either Savings or Checking) and The Partnership FCU’s routing and transit number 254074536.

Payroll Deduction allows you to put whatever amount you want from your paycheck into different accounts of your choosing. You can use this feature to send some money to savings, some to checking to help pay bills.

These features save you time by allowing you to send your money where you want and need, without having to think about it. You can change your options at any time by stopping in to any of our branches, or by giving us a call and speaking to a Member Services Representative.