Does your account need a personal assistant?
Our e-Alerts help you keep track of your account by notifying you when checks have cleared, a deposit has been made or when your balance reaches a certain amount. You can choose to be alerted by receiving a text message and/or by email. See how using Text Banking can help you become a VIP Member.

Enroll for Text Message Alerts

To get started make sure you have text messaging enabled with your mobile carrier and use a carrier that supports the service*.

  • Login to Online Banking from the website
  • Go to Additional Services and select Mobile Text & Email Alerts
  • Input the mobile number you wish texts to be sent to
  • Select your primary text banking account
  • Establish a transfer source from your other accounts with us
  • Select when you want to receive a text– options include weekly balance updates, when your account falls below a certain balance and many others.

Send Text Message Alerts

Once enrolled, you can request account information by sending a text message to us. Need a quick check-in to your account? Text us! Simply send one of the keywords below to: 454545

  • bal: Primary account balance
  • bal all: All account balance
  • last: Last 5 transactions on primary account
  • bal check: Account balance of checking accounts
  • bal save: Account balance of savings accounts
  • help: Help on keywords
  • stop: Deactivate service

For best viewing experience, choose HD and full screen by clicking the HD and four arrow icon in the bottom right corner of the video.

Fees: We won’t charge you, but standard carrier fees for text messaging may apply. Please check with your mobile phone carrier if you aren’t sure what fees apply when you send and receive text messages.

Security: Our Text Message Banking service is secure. You can activate the service only after logging into Online Banking. Text messages will never contain confidential information about you or your accounts. Messages will never contain full account numbers.

Email Alerts

Prefer emails over texts? You can request emails to be sent to you. Login to Online Banking, click Additional Services and select Mobile Text & Email Alerts. Check the notification you would like to receive and enter your email address, then click Submit.

*Message and data rates may apply.