Launch of Professional Services

The Partnership Federal Credit Union Announces Launch of Professional Services Consulting Division Led By Bonnie Ortiz

November 29— The Partnership Federal Credit Union announces the creation and launch of Professional Services, the new consulting division of the Credit Union led by Executive Vice President Bonnie Ortiz.

The Professional Services division is dedicated to bringing value through partnership to the credit union community by providing resources to help credit unions overcome their operational and economic challenges in order to achieve their strategic goals. Ortiz will collaborate with credit union executives and their teams to provide the knowledge, tools and resources they need for the implementation of strategies, tactics and projects necessary to deliver value to their members. Credit unions can expect tailored services to help them assess their situation, identify gaps and opportunities, and subsequently work with their team to execute, measure, monitor and maintain methodologies that will bring about permanent change.  At the end of a partnership, an organization will have all the resources in place to tackle the next big project.

“At The Partnership FCU we believe in value through partnership,” said Theresa Mann, President/CEO of The Partnership FCU. “We know that credit unions of all sizes must optimize people, processes and tools to achieve operational excellence, but do not always have the resources in-house to meet their desired outcomes. We’ve made a commitment to provide value to the credit union community and share our resources, because by partnering together we can help one another be stronger credit unions, better serving our members.”

The Professional Services division is overseen by Bonnie Ortiz, newly-named Executive Vice President of Professional Services, who has more than 45 years of experience in both for-profit and not-for-profit operational management. In her new role, Ortiz will share her experience and expertise with colleagues in the credit union industry to help them reach their strategic goals.

For the past decade, Ortiz has helped credit unions create strategies to achieve operational excellence and high performance through experiences including: strategic planning, organizational assessment, process improvement, product lifecycle management, vendor management, and project management. Since 2009, she has helped The Partnership Federal Credit Union bring value to its community by focusing on her passion for people, processes and projects with the goal of making a difference.

“Bonnie is a recognized expert at managing projects, assessing organizational processes and developing leaders,” said Mann. “For nearly a decade, she has helped The Partnership Federal Credit Union create strategies to achieve operational excellence and high performance, with measurable results. With the successful foundation she helped build, The Partnership FCU is now in a position to share her expertise with our credit union community. We look forward to watching other credit unions thrive with her guidance.”

Under her leadership as the former COO at The Partnership FCU, Bonnie has overseen the development of products and services designed to provide value to members including the Value in Partnership (VIP) member engagement program, and eValuator, a member-facing cost-comparison tool to help members save on their loans. Through her dedication to discipline and innovation the Credit Union was recognized in 2015 with the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) Lending Council Excellence in Lending Award and the CUNA Louise Herring Philosophy-in-Action Member Service Award.

Ortiz is a University of Pittsburgh graduate and has completed both the Federal and Commercial Project Management programs at George Washington University. She was honored with the 2015 Credit Union Times IT Executive of the Year Trailblazer Award and the 2014 Credit Union Magazine Rock Star Award for her innovative approach to business technology.

Bonnie Ortiz, Executive Vice President, Professional Services

Bonnie Ortiz, Executive Vice President, Professional Services