Help During A Government Shutdown

The Partnership FCU Provides Help for Members 

December 26, Arlington, VA — During a government shutdown, The Partnership FCU has instituted special loan programs and loan repayment options for members who are furloughed.  The Partnership FCU’s assistance for members affected by the government shutdown includes:

  • Furlough Loans – For members who currently have a payroll deposit established with The Partnership FCU, the furlough loan allows them to borrow the amount of the payroll deposit up to $2,500, at 6% APR and with 18 months to repay. The member’s first payment is not due until 30 days after the furlough ends or three months after their loan is issued.
  • Skip-A-Loan Payment – Members with The Partnership FCU loans may opt to skip a payment during the shutdown without a fee.
  • Personal Loans – For members needing help during the shutdown who do not currently have a loan with The Partnership FCU, Personal Loans where the first payment is waived for 60 days are available.

“We believe that everyone in our community deserves value through partnership,” said Theresa Mann, President/CEO of The Partnership FCU, “Our members are our number one priority, and we strongly believe that they should not have to encounter financial hardship due to a government shutdown.”


We will now offer the following benefits for furloughed employees:

  • Early withdrawals from Certificates without penalties.
  • Withdrawals from our money market accounts without a fee
  • Early closures/withdrawals from Holiday Club accounts without a fee
  • Skip Pay option for ZipLine loans


  • Member Services — Our Member Service team will be answering calls and emails as usual during normal business hours. Contact a Member Services Representative by email or give us a call at 800-285-3286.
  • Branches — During a shutdown, our branch at Virginia Square will remain OPEN, as will most of the 5,000 shared branches nationwide!
  • Bank Nationwide — Enjoy access to over 5,000 branches and 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs (9,000 deposit-taking) nationwide. Find the ATM & Branch nearest to you.
  • Account Access — With our state-of-the-art suite of account access products, account management is available 24/7, wherever you are from your preferred device. Download our Mobile App for your smartphone or tablet to experience the ease of Online Banking from the palm of your hand, and use Mobile Check Deposit to deposit checks remotely.

“Our mission is to provide value through partnership to people who advance and promote the interests of the public,” Mann continued.  “We understand that many of our member’s financial well-being is connected to the funding and operation of the federal government. Being proactive to help members is how we can help. Our loan programs and repayment options will be available to members should they need them.”