CEO Discusses Financial Literacy

Theresa Mann, President and CEO, Discusses Financial Literacy 

March 9—Each year, April marks the beginning of a new spring season where the flowers are in bloom and the sun seems to shine a little brighter. For some of us, it’s a time of renewal as we proceed with some projects that may have been shelved in the winter such as cleaning out the garage or an overstuffed closet.

As we prepare to start fresh, April is the perfect month to re-commit to being a smarter consumer as we pay tribute to Financial Literacy Month.  All around the internet you can find information about enhancing consumer education including on our own website.  There are some great tools for teaching kids, teens and adults alike and among these is the FDIC’s comprehensive financial education curriculum, Money Smart.

Money Smart is designed to help low and moderate income individuals outside the financial mainstream to enhance their financial skills and create positive banking relationships.  Money Smart has modules for consumers as both students and trainers so you can teach your child or volunteer to speak to a group of kids.  And best of all, it’s FREE.

Financial education fosters financial stability for individuals, families and entire communities.  The employees of the FDIC know this all too well.  That’s why a group of former FDIC employees started the Association of FDIC Alumni, Inc., or AFDICA.  AFDICA was created to promote Fellowship, Education and Charity by and between former FDIC and RTC employees and one of their specific charters is to spread the word about Money Smart by conducting financial education seminars in their communities.  The Partnership FCU is proud to support AFDICA and happily announce that members of AFDICA are eligible to open accounts and fully use the services of the Credit Union.

So this April, in honor of Financial Literacy month, make a difference in someone’s life and commit to foster the financial stability of an individual, a family or a whole community.  And don’t forget the spring cleaning!


Theresa B. Mann