CEO Discusses Back to School

Theresa Mann, President and CEO, Wishes Everyone a Great School Year

August 25- Back to School…finally!

Remember those days when you were young and summer vacation was just not long enough?  I love to watch my 10-year-old son having the time of his life at the local pool, at camp or just playing with his friends. The free spirit that he has become in these short few months is happy, joyful and close to forgetful about the rigors of the school year like schedules, responsibilities and early bed times. Staying up a bit too late and eating ice cream at the pool has become a rite of passage for this soon to be 4th grader.

To avoid a difficult transition in the coming weeks, we have begun to reign in the bed time, force the daily summer reading and talk about new shoes and a haircut. And when one door closes, another opens as the confirmation of our transitional success came two days ago when he stated that he was looking forward to school. What teacher would he have, who would be in his class, could he have a lightning bolt shaved on his head. The fast moving summer train came to a slow roll for a few minutes while he took in the change in direction his journey would take and he realized that while a break is always welcome, the routines of life are really not that bad.

Now for us parents, back to school means that our rigorous schedules start again. Rushing out the door while making lunches, getting breakfast on the table and answering an email, carpools, sports schedules and feeling like there are just not enough hours in the day. Like you, we use family calendars to stay sane, and I try to automate everything that requires my attention, including those pesky banking transactions such as depositing checks, paying bills and staying on budget. Yes, this is a shameless plug for our state-of-the-art online banking system, but remember, I’m not just the CEO, I am a member too and it really does save me time!

I wish you all a good school year and remember to save time for what matters most!


Theresa B. Mann