CEO Talks About Learning

Theresa Mann, President and CEO, Asks What We Do With What We Learn

May 19- What do you do with what you learn?soccer

My son always asks why he has to go to school. He seems to think that he does not need math or reading to be a professional soccer player. I tell him that learning is power, and it will bring choices and opportunity throughout his life, including how to negotiate and sign that big contract with Real Madrid.

As adults we know that it’s even more powerful than that. We must continue to learn or we become complacent. Right now I have three books on my nightstand: I am learning how to be a better mom, a better leader and a healthier person.

This week I received a new book for my nightstand: the results of our recent member survey, of which some of you received and responded to. This survey was big – something we have not done in many years. The results will provide an opportunity to learn about you as a member, owner and user of our Credit Union as well as other places you go for financial services. You own this Credit Union and you can be directly responsible for its success- the more you use it, the more valuable it will be for you and all members. If you don’t use it, then it might just fade into obscurity, to be buried with the other organizations who refused to remain relevant to their customers (remember encyclopedias?). It is incumbent upon those of us who work here to create a financial institution that provides value to you.

As a consumer, you probably know that we have financial products and services that feel similar to those available at other financial institutions, so why should you bank with The Partnership FCU? Because serving you is what we do. Our core purpose is to serve people who advance and promote the interests of the public because we believe that everyone in our community deserves value through partnership. To this end we have created opportunities that help you save money or improve your financial well-being, such as our eValuator that with a click of a button, can calculate how much we can save you right now on loans you have with other institutions, and our ZipLINE Credit Builder that has helped more than 50% of its borrowers raise their credit score by an average of 40 points.

But more important than what we offer is why we do it. As a not-for-profit financial cooperative, we exist to help you, and want to do the right things for the right reasons. And in the true spirit of learning, we pledge that each day when we come to work, we promise to never stop learning: about you and your needs; about our own strengths and challenges and about our market place. We commit to add value to your life in the form of cash in your pocket, time in your day or knowledge in your brain. How many other financial institutions can say that and mean it?

What do you do with what you learn?


Theresa B. Mann