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At The Partnership FCU we serve people who advance and promote the interests of the public because we believe everyone in our community deserves value through partnership.

By the numbers*…

  • 89% of Borrowers agree the application process is quick, easy and convenient
  • 100% of Borrowers said they will borrow from us again
  • 100% of Borrowers said we met their expectations

Here’s what some of our Members* had to say:

“[Staff] was fantastic to work with. I was pleased that I was able to do this completely online. Will set up more accounts in January 2017. Great experience overall.” -Member saving between $100-$200 monthly

“It was a pleasure to interact with a professional and courteous staff. ” -Member who borrowed from us in December

“Looked for used auto loans with great rates and this was the best!” -Member saving between $100-$200 monthly

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*Based on responses from surveys sent to all borrowers with new loans during the month of December 2016. Your actual savings may vary.