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CEO Reminder: We're Your Disaster Relief Team

During the Atlantic hurricane season, it can feel like we’re holding our breath while watching the weather, hoping it will be a relatively mild one.

As we’ve learned from Hurricane Florence in the Carolinas, even a Category 1 hurricane can have devastating effects for those in its path. Record rainfall has led to severe flooding leaving homes and vehicles under water.

In 2005, I watched impatiently from Virginia as my mother and sister both lost their homes in Mississippi during Hurricane Katrina.  Thankfully they had both safely evacuated and their property was insured.

Unfortunately, there is no real solution for the trauma of losing everything, being homeless and having to start over.  Think about it – tragic enough are the replaceable items like clothing, tools, appliances and furniture. Add in the emotion over lost valuable heirlooms such as family photos, souvenirs accumulated while traveling and even items saved after the loss of a loved one. Before any insurance check was cut, my family accepted many handouts to get them on their feet and standing on solid ground.

In the aftermath of any storm, there can be unexpected expenses and you can count on your team here at The Partnership FCU to help.

Share your experience with us and together we can come up with a plan to help ease your financial stress.

If you live in an area that has been declared a disaster, we offer disaster loans. Maybe you need some breathing room as far as making your loan payments. We can help with our Skip-a-Loan payment option. Perhaps more permanent relief is needed. No matter what the circumstance, we are ready to help craft a solution that works best for you and your family.

The key to successfully navigating any challenge begins with a simple conversation. To learn more ways we can help, please call us at 800-285-3286.

Theresa B. Mann