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5 Steps to Trim Your Money Waste Line

At the Partnership FCU, we want to turn you into a financial guru. We have plenty of financial tips and tools to get you there, including the articles below. Each of these articles will become live over the next handful of weeks.

Tip 1: Do An Annual Credit Report Check-Up. Discover what’s in a credit report, how to find mistakes and how to fix them.

Tip 2: Build Your Budgeting Core. Rethink your budget and discover long-term success instead of frustration.

Tip 3: Energize Your Credit Score. Raising your credit score is easy when you know how to do it.

Tip 4: Release Your Money Inhibitions. Talking about money doesn’t have to be awkward. Here’s how to start your conversation.

Tip 5: Declutter Your Financial Life. Through a positive attitude and some organization, you can improve your financial life.

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