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Wire Transfers

Please gather the following information before contacting The Partnership Federal Credit Union to conduct a wire transfer request. Print Instructions.

Incoming Domestic

  • The Partnership FCU’s ABA/Routing number: 254074536
  • Account owner name and account number with The Partnership Federal Credit Union

Outgoing Domestic

  • Your member information
  • Receiving financial institution information: name, address, routing and transit number
  • Further credit to (if any) information: name of financial institution/company, account number, and address
  • Final Credit/Beneficiary: name of person or company, account number, and address
  • Special Instructions (if any)

Incoming International

The international financial institution will ask you for the following information when preparing to send a wire transfer to your account at The Partnership FCU. They’re transacted through our account with SunTrust. Print Instructions.

  • SunTrust Swift Code: SNTRUS3A
  • SunTrust Address: 1 Park Place, NE Atlanta, GA 30303
  • The Partnership FCU account number with SunTrust: 111740372
  • Further credit to: Account owner name and account number with The Partnership FCU

Outgoing International

  • Your member information
  • Receiving intermediary financial institution information (The receiving foreign bank will provide this information to you if they use a domestic bank as an intermediary)
  • Receiving foreign institution information: name, swift code, account number, complete address
  • Final credit: name of person or company, account number, physical address
  • Special Instructions (if any)

For more information or if you have questions, contact us.