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Overdraft Protection

Choose an eligible account and/or Line of Credit Loan as a primary Overdraft Source. When necessary, funds are transferred automatically from your other deposit accounts or Line of Credit Loan to cover any overdrafts.

Savings Account

You automatically receive overdraft protection from your Regular Savings when you open a checking account, or you may set up any account where you are the primary or joint owner. The Partnership FCU will transfer the necessary funds (the full over-draft amount, including any applicable fees) to cover your overdraft. In compliance with federal law, the total number of pre-authorized transfers, withdrawals, and/or overdraft transfers from any Savings Account is limited to six per month.

Line of Credit

This is a personal protection loan that you can elect to have funds transferred from automatically to cover any overdrafts. There’s no fee for this service, but as with any loan, an interest rate applies. You must apply and be approved for a Line of Credit for it to become effective. All Lines of Credit other than VISA Credit Cards and Home Equity Lines of Credit are eligible.

Overdraft Courtesy Pay

Should a deposit account and/or Line of Credit Loan be unavailable, The Partnership FCU provides Overdraft Courtesy Pay for members in good standing. This is a discretionary courtesy of $300 (including applicable fees) we extend to eligible members to pay their ACHs and checks in the event of an accidental overdraft when all other options have been exhausted. This saves you the embarrassment and fees normally charged by merchants for each returned item. The standard fee of $30 is charged every time you use this service. Funds must be repaid within 30 days.

Overdraft Policy

Opt-In for Overdraft Protection

You must Opt-In for protection on ATM and everyday (non-recurring) Debit Card transactions. To Opt-In, complete the “Opt-In for Overdraft Protection” form found within Online Banking, under Secure Forms. 

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